Top 3 disadvantages of web development remote job

Do you dream all your life of a job you can do from anywhere? Do you always want to work from the beach or from your favorite armchair?

The good news is – you live in the 21st century and all this is possible (it is even becoming the norm).

What are “distance” (remote) jobs?

Remote positions or “remote” jobs give you the opportunity to work outside the office, which is generally equated with working from home. Of course, no one checks exactly where you work from – it can be from a nearby cafe, coworking space or any place that gives you the conditions to do so.

Most often, the only thing you need to perform these tasks is a laptop and WiFi connection.

There are two main branches of teleworking: working in companies that involve this OR freelancing, where you shape your own destiny.

In both cases, such jobs provide you with great breadth and give you significantly greater opportunities to find a suitable, motivating and stimulating position. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you can freely organize your time with them, reduce transportation costs and travel the world.

You can work from France or China, from Tanzania or America – your employer doesn’t care at all.

Sounds too good, doesn’t it?

However, is everything as good as it seems?

Here are the main drawbacks of this type of business – so judge for yourself.

The job can’t grow to your hearth that easily

When you agree to work outside the office and to be separated from other employees, you may feel neglected.

One of the main disadvantages of this type of business is the tendency not to feel sufficiently integrated and connected with the company and projects. A necessary product of that is the feeling that you are not actually part of that company.

If, on the other hand, you work as a freelancer – you will cooperate with several companies at the same time and it is almost certain that this feeling will not bypass you. Although, some like this feeling of “freedom” that “long-distance” jobs give.

Potential solution:

Before accepting a remote position, talk to managers and get well acquainted with the culture of the company you work for;
Inquire and suggest regular team bonding, socializing, but also meetings where you will talk about work;
Even if you are a freelancer, suggest Skype meetings to get to know each other, but also use the time to plan further activities.


A traditional workplace means that you are always at a desk in the office, in the field of view of your colleagues and superiors. But with technological advances and the spread of “internet culture”, “distance” jobs are becoming increasingly popular.

However, although the number of “remote” employees is increasing in the world (and in our country as well), our people do not have a very positive attitude towards this type of work.

That is why the most common assumption is that you do an easier type of work, on a smaller scale and that it takes less time compared to traditional jobs. If you work from home, don’t be surprised if you get a message in the middle of working hours that someone wants to stop by for coffee.

Potential solution:

Gain trust and work on good communication with superiors and colleagues;
Propose the installation of certain activity monitoring systems;
Make your work measurable so that you have an overview of what you are doing at all times (this will also help you when you are looking for a raise);
Introduce your friends and the environment to the type of work you do and thus convince them that you are actually working.


When you work from home you can easily lose focus because of the routine you have. Whether it’s tidying up the space, sipping coffee and watching an interesting show on TV or the time you dedicate to your pet.

Although you do not work from the office and you are not physically in it, you should keep in mind that your superiors will expect results.

When you are a freelancer, it depends on you how much work you will have, then you are what is called “my own boss”. It often happens that you accept an oversized job for which you are not able to meet the deadline.

The problem of freelancing jobs can be clients from abroad and differences in time zones. If you don’t like getting up early and staying up late at night, pay attention to that item before accepting a job.

Potential solution:

You can always visit one of the coworking facilities that exist in the city where you are located. You will get a feeling similar to the one you have in the reading rooms at the university – everyone is doing something and seems busy, and it is not pleasant for you to hang around;
Pay attention to deadlines and scope of work, accept only what you can realistically master;
Limit yourself – turn off the TV, block distractions, answer messages and calls when you’re done.